Piezo Injector Upgrade for BMW 6 Cylinder N57 Engines

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  • Piezo Injector Upgrade for BMW 6 Cylinder N57 Engines
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Piezo Injector Upgrade for BMW 6 Cylinder N57 Engines

All injectors supplied are all brand new Bosch units and Digitally Calibrated to the most extreme accuracy

These can safely take up to 200bar over the Stock 2000bar pressure

Estimated Power Capabilities:

With Stock Pump ~400bhp
With 550D Pump Upgrade ~450bhp
These figures are the limit of the injectors and pump. To reach these limits you will also require other supporting mods (i.e. Turbo Upgrade etc)
The ECU Software will have to be re-calibrated when fitting these injectors for a smooth idle and safe Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGT)

This Kit Consists of:

6x Brand New Bosch Injectors

See our 550D Pump Upgrade here:


BMW 2700 Bar Pressure Sensor:


Upgraded Regulator for up to 2200 BAR Pressure (DRV30):


Upgraded Regulator for up to 2500 BAR Pressure:


Series / Chassis:

E70N / E71 / E90N / E91N / E92 / E92N / E93 / E93N / F01 / F01N / F02 / F06 / F06N / F07 / F07N / F10 / F10N / F11 / F11N / F12 / F12N / F13 / F13N / F15 / F16 / F25 / F26 / F30 / F30N / F31 / F31N / F32 / F32N / F33 / F33N / F34 / F34N / F36 / F36N


325d / 330d / 330xd / 335dX / 435dX / 525d / 530d / 530dX / 535d / 535dX / 640d / 640dX / 730d / 730Ld / 740d / 740dX / X3 / X4 / X5 / X6


N57 / N57S / N57Z

Fitment Data

This Kit is an Upgrade for the Following Vehicles:

E70N N57 X5 30dX SAV
E70N N57S X5 40dX SAV
E71 N57 X6 30dX SAC
E71 N57S X6 40dX SAC
E90N N57 325d Saloon
E90N N57 330d Saloon
E90N N57 330xd Saloon
E91N N57 325d Touring
E91N N57 330d Touring
E91N N57 330xd Touring
E92 N57 330d Coupe
E92 N57 330xd Coupe
E92N N57 325d Coupe
E92N N57 330d Coupe
E92N N57 330xd Coupe
E93 N57 330d Convertible
E93N N57 325d Convertible
E93N N57 330d Convertible
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F01 N57 730d Saloon
F01 N57S 740d Saloon
F01 N57S 740dX Saloon
F01N N57Z 740d Saloon
F01N N57Z 740dX Saloon
F02 N57 730Ld Saloon
F06 N57Z 640d Gran Coupe
F06 N57Z 640dX Gran Coupe
F06N N57Z 640d Gran Coupe
F06N N57Z 640dX Gran Coupe
F07 N57 530d 155kW Gran Turismo
F07 N57 530d Gran Turismo
F07 N57 530dX Gran Turismo
F07 N57S 535d Gran Turismo
F07 N57S 535dX Gran Turismo
F07 N57Z 535d Gran Turismo
F07 N57Z 535dX Gran Turismo
F07N N57Z 535d Gran Turismo
F07N N57Z 535dX Gran Turismo
F10 N57 525d Saloon
F10 N57 530d Saloon
F10 N57S 535d Saloon
F10 N57Z 535d Saloon
F10 N57Z 535dX Saloon
F10N N57Z 535d Saloon
F10N N57Z 535dX Saloon
F11 N57 525d Touring
F11 N57 530d Touring
F11 N57S 535d Touring
F11 N57Z 535d Touring
F11 N57Z 535dX Touring
F11N N57Z 535d Touring
F11N N57Z 535dX Touring
F12 N57Z 640d Convertible
F12 N57Z 640dX Convertible
F12N N57Z 640d Convertible
F12N N57Z 640dX Convertible
F13 N57Z 640d Coupe
F13 N57Z 640dX Coupe
F13N N57Z 640d Coupe
F13N N57Z 640dX Coupe
F15 N57Z X5 40dX SAV
F16 N57Z X6 40dX SAC
F25 N57Z X3 35dX SAV
F26 N57Z X4 35dX SAC
F30 N57Z 335dX Saloon
F30N N57Z 335dX Saloon
F31 N57Z 335dX Touring
F31N N57Z 335dX Touring
F32 N57Z 435dX Coupe
F32N N57Z 435dX Coupe
F33 N57Z 435dX Convertible
F33N N57Z 435dX Convertible
F34 N57Z 335dX Gran Turismo
F34N N57Z 335dX Gran Turismo
F36 N57Z 435dX Gran Coupe
F36N N57Z 435dX Gran Coupe

Upgrade for Genuine BMW Injector Part Numbers:

13 53 7 823 461 - 13537823461 - 7 823 461 - 7823461
13 53 7 805 430 - 13537805430 - 7 805 430 - 7805430
13 53 7 805 428 - 13537805428 - 7 805 428 - 7805428

Upgrade for Bosch Injector Part Numbers:

0445117030 - 0445 117 030

0445117017 - 0445 117 017

0445116024 - 0445 116 024

0986435425 - 0986 435 425

0986435411 - 0986 435 411

0986435394 - 0986 435 394

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