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Front Control Arm To Chassis Bush - 2 x PFF5-1902BLK

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  • Front Control Arm To Chassis Bush - 2 x PFF5-1902BLK
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Front Control Arm To Chassis Bush - 2 x PFF5-1902BLK

PFF5-1902BLK is a reinforced replacement part that is 8% stiffer than the original bush to revitalise bush performance and restore steering precision
Diagram Reference
Black Series
Location on Vehicle

Included in the Kit:
2 x PFF5-1902BLK - Front Control Arm To Chassis Bush

Replaces Part Numbers

31 12 6 852 991 - 31126852991 - 6 852 991 - 6852991
31 12 6 852 992 - 31126852992 - 6 852 992 - 6852992

Alternative Item
For a camber offset version of this bush please use PFF5-1902GBLK

PFF5-1902GBLK - Front Control Arm to Chassis Bush - Camber Adjustable

Powerflex Bush General Fitting Guide

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Aftermarket Comparison Numbers

SIDEM - 21054
SPIDAN - 51328
TRW - JBU1262
TRW - JTC1621
VAICO - V20-1509
SIDEM - 21055
SPIDAN - 51330
TRW - JTC1622
VAICO - V20-1510

Series / Chassis

F20 / F20N / F21 / F21N / F22 / F22N / F23 / F23N / F30 / F30N / F31 / F31N / F32 / F32N / F33 / F33N / F34 / F34N / F35 / F35N / F36 / F36N


114d / 114i / 116d / 116i / 118d / 118i / 120d / 120i / 125d / 125i / 218d / 218i / 220d / 220i / 225d / 228i / 230i / 316d / 316i / 316Li / 318d / 318i / 318Li / 320d / 320i / 320Li / 325d / 328d / 328i / 328Li / 330d / 330e / 330i / 330Li / 335i / 335Li / 340i / 418d / 418i / 420d / 420i / 425d / 428i / 430d / 430i / 435i / 440i / Hybrid


B37 / B38 / B46 / B47 / B48 / B48X / B58 / N13 / N20 / N26 / N47N / N47S1 / N55 / N57N


To fit the following vehicles

F20 N13 114i 5 doors
F20 N13 116i 5 doors
F20 N13 118i 5 doors
F20 N20 125i 5 doors
F20 N47N
F20 N47N 114d 5 doors
F20 N47N 116d 5 doors
F20 N47N 116d ed 5 doors
F20 N47N 118d 5 doors
F20 N47N 120d 5 doors
F20 N47S1 125d 5 doors
F20N B37 114d 5 doors
F20N B37 116d 5 doors
F20N B37 116d ed 5 doors
F20N B38 116i 5 doors
F20N B38 118i 5 doors
F20N B47 118d 5 doors
F20N B47 120d 5 doors
F20N B47 125d 5 doors
F20N B48 120i 5 doors
F20N B48 125i 5 doors
F20N N13 118i 5 doors
F20N N13 120i 5 doors
F20N N20 125i 5 doors
F20N N47N 114d 5 doors
F21 N13 114i 3 doors
F21 N13 116i 3 doors
F21 N13 118i 3 doors
F21 N20 125i 3 doors
F21 N47N 114d 3 doors
F21 N47N 116d 3 doors
F21 N47N 116d ed 3 doors
F21 N47N 118d 3 doors
F21 N47N 120d 3 doors
F21 N47S1 125d 3 doors
F21N B37 114d 3 doors
F21N B37 116d 3 doors
F21N B37 116d ed 3 doors
F21N B38 116i 3 doors
F21N B38 118i 3 doors
F21N B47 118d 3 doors
F21N B47 120d 3 doors
F21N B47 125d 3 doors
F21N B48 120i 3 doors
F21N B48 125i 3 doors
F21N N13 118i 3 doors
F21N N13 120i 3 doors
F21N N20 125i 3 doors
F21N N47N 114d 3 doors
F22 B38 218i Coupe
F22 B46 230i Coupe
F22 B47 218d Coupe
F22 B47 220d Coupe
F22 B47 225d Coupe
F22 B48 220i Coupe
F22 B48 230i Coupe
F22 N20 220i Coupe
F22 N20 228i Coupe
F22 N26 228i Coupe
F22 N47N 218d Coupe
F22 N47N 220d Coupe
F22 N47S1 225d Coupe
F22N B38 218i Coupe
F22N B46 230i Coupe
F22N B47 218d Coupe
F22N B47 220d Coupe
F22N B47 225d Coupe
F22N B48 220i Coupe
F22N B48 230i Coupe
F23 B38 218i Convertible
F23 B46 230i Convertible
F23 B47 218d Convertible
F23 B47 220d Convertible
F23 B47 225d Convertible
F23 B48 220i Convertible
F23 B48 230i Convertible
F23 N20 220i Convertible
F23 N20 228i Convertible
F23 N26 228i Convertible
F23N B38 218i Convertible
F23N B46 230i Convertible
F23N B47 218d Convertible
F23N B47 220d Convertible
F23N B47 225d Convertible
F23N B48 220i Convertible
F23N B48 230i Convertible
F30 B47 316d Saloon
F30 N13 316i Saloon
F30 N13 320i ed Saloon
F30 N20 320i Saloon
F30 N20 328i Saloon
F30 N26 328i Saloon
F30 N47N 316d Saloon
F30 N47N 318d Saloon
F30 N47N 320d ed Saloon
F30 N47N 320d Saloon
F30 N47N 328d Saloon
F30 N47S1 325d Saloon
F30 N55 335i Saloon
F30 N55 Hybrid 3 Saloon
F30 N57N 330d Saloon
F30N B38 318i Saloon
F30N B46 330i Saloon
F30N B47 316d Saloon
F30N B47 318d Saloon
F30N B47 320d ed Saloon
F30N B47 320d Saloon
F30N B47 325d Saloon
F30N B48 320i Saloon
F30N B48 330i Saloon
F30N B48X 330e Saloon
F30N B58 340i Saloon
F30N N13 316i Saloon
F30N N13 320i ed Saloon
F30N N20 320i Saloon
F30N N20 328i Saloon
F30N N26 328i Saloon
F30N N47N 320d Saloon
F30N N47N 328d Saloon
F30N N47S1 325d Saloon
F30N N57N 330d Saloon
F31 B47 316d Touring
F31 N13 316i Touring
F31 N20 320i Touring
F31 N20 328i Touring
F31 N47N 316d Touring
F31 N47N 318d Touring
F31 N47N 320d ed Touring
F31 N47N 320d Touring
F31 N47S1 325d Touring
F31 N55 335i Touring
F31 N57N 330d Touring
F31N B38 318i Touring
F31N B47 316d Touring
F31N B47 318d Touring
F31N B47 320d ed Touring
F31N B47 320d Touring
F31N B47 325d Touring
F31N B48 320i Touring
F31N B48 330i Touring
F31N B58 340i Touring
F31N N47N 320d Touring
F31N N47S1 325d Touring
F31N N57N 330d Touring
F32 B38 418i Coupe
F32 B46 430i Coupe
F32 B47 418d Coupe
F32 B47 420d Coupe
F32 B47 425d Coupe
F32 B48 420i Coupe
F32 B48 430i Coupe
F32 B58 440i Coupe
F32 N20 420i Coupe
F32 N20 428i Coupe
F32 N26 428i Coupe
F32 N47N 420d Coupe
F32 N47S1 425d Coupe
F32 N55 435i Coupe
F32 N57N 430d Coupe
F32N B38 418i Coupe
F32N B46 430i Coupe
F32N B47 418d Coupe
F32N B47 420d Coupe
F32N B47 425d Coupe
F32N B48 420i Coupe
F32N B48 430i Coupe
F32N B58 440i Coupe
F32N N57N 430d Coupe
F33 B46 430i Convertible
F33 B47 420d Convertible
F33 B47 425d Convertible
F33 B48 420i Convertible
F33 B48 430i Convertible
F33 B58 440i Convertible
F33 N20 420i Convertible
F33 N20 428i Convertible
F33 N26 428i Convertible
F33 N47N 420d Convertible
F33 N47S1 425d Convertible
F33 N55 435i Convertible
F33 N57N 430d Convertible
F33N B46 430i Convertible
F33N B47 420d Convertible
F33N B47 425d Convertible
F33N B48 420i Convertible
F33N B48 430i Convertible
F33N B58 440i Convertible
F33N N57N 430d Convertible
F34 B47 318d Gran Turismo
F34 B47 320d Gran Turismo
F34 N20 320i Gran Turismo
F34 N20 328i Gran Turismo
F34 N26 328i Gran Turismo
F34 N47N 318d Gran Turismo
F34 N47N 320d Gran Turismo
F34 N47S1 325d Gran Turismo
F34 N55 335i Gran Turismo
F34 N57N 330d Gran Turismo
F34N B47 318d Gran Turismo
F34N B47 320d Gran Turismo
F34N B47 325d Gran Turismo
F34N B48 320i Gran Turismo
F34N B48 330i Gran Turismo
F34N B58 340i Gran Turismo
F34N N57N 330d Gran Turismo
F35 N13 316Li Saloon
F35 N20 320Li Saloon
F35 N20 328Li Saloon
F35 N55 335Li Saloon
F35N B38 318Li Saloon
F35N B48 320Li Saloon
F35N B48 330Li Saloon
F35N N13 316Li Saloon
F35N N20 320Li Saloon
F35N N20 328Li Saloon
F35N N55 335Li Saloon
F36 B38 418i Gran Coupe
F36 B46 430i Gran Coupe
F36 B47 418d Gran Coupe
F36 B47 420d Gran Coupe
F36 B47 425d Gran Coupe
F36 B48 420i Gran Coupe
F36 B48 430i Gran Coupe
F36 B58 440i Gran Coupe
F36 N20 420i Gran Coupe
F36 N20 428i Gran Coupe
F36 N26 428i Gran Coupe
F36 N47N 418d Gran Coupe
F36 N47N 420d Gran Coupe
F36 N55 435i Gran Coupe
F36 N57N 430d Gran Coupe
F36N B38 418i Gran Coupe
F36N B46 430i Gran Coupe
F36N B47 418d Gran Coupe
F36N B47 420d Gran C oupe
F36N B47 425d Gran Coupe
F36N B48 420i Gran Coupe
F36N B48 430i Gran Coupe
F36N B58 440i Gran Coupe
F36N N57N 430d Gran Coupe


Powerflex Black Series

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What is NVH?


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Black Series
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