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PPD170 Used BKD Aluminium Inlet Manifold Conversion Kit

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  • PPD170 Used BKD Aluminium Inlet Manifold Conversion Kit


PPD170 Used BKD Aluminium Inlet Manifold Conversion Kit (Removes Swirl Flaps)

This kit is used to convert the PPD170 Plastic or Metal Inlet Manifold (With Swirl Flaps) to the Aluminium one found on the BKD PD140 Engines (Without Swirl Flaps). This also removes the problematic swirl flaps on the PPD170 Intake Manifold

For more information see our Swirl Flap Blog -

All manifolds are aqua blasted priory to sending out to clean them as good as possible, small carbon deposits may remain in some extremeties (We recommend blowing out with an air line prior to install)

These are a direct bolt on replacement for the transverse PPD170 engines, to fit the stock engine cover the brackets need slight modification.

No engine light or faults will appear after fitting and it will not cause any running issues. No software should be needed once fitted

A downloadable PDF fitting guide is also supply when the part is ordered

Included In this Kit

Used Aluminium Inlet Manifold  -  03G 129 713  /  03G129713

Genuine VW Seal for EGR Valve  -  N 909 787 01  /  N90978701

Inlet Manifold Gasket

5x M8 Washers

5x M8 x 30mm Cap Head Bolts

1x M8 x 35mm Cap Head Bolt - Only required if your model has engine cover bracket (cambelt side)

Replacing VW Part Numbers;

03G 129 711 AS  /  03G129711 AS  /  03G129711AS

03G 129 711 AP  /  03G129711 AP  /  03G129711AP

03G 129 711 AF  /  03G129711 AF  /  03G129711AF

03G 129 713  /  03G129713 H  /  03G129713H

Common Fault codes which are found with PPD170 plastic Inlet Manifolds;

16683  /  P0299  /  000665

These will fit vehicles with the following engine codes:

Skoda Octavia - BMN 170

Audi A3 - BMN 170, BUY 163

Audi A4 - BRD 170

VW Golf - BMN 170

VW Jetta - BMN 170

VW Passat - BMA 136, BKP 140, BMR 170, BUZ 163, BVE 122, BWV 120

VW Touran - BMN 170

Seat Altea - BMN 170

Seat Leon - BMN 170

Seat Toledo - BMN 170

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