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Rear Subframe Rear Bush Insert - 2 x PFR5-1921

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  • Rear Subframe Rear Bush Insert - 2 x PFR5-1921
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Rear Subframe Rear Bush Insert - 2 x PFR5-1921

This is an insert that fits into voids in the original bush to reduce subframe movement
Diagram Reference
Road Series
Location on Vehicle

Included in the Kit:
2 x PFR5-1921 - Rear Subframe Rear Bush Insert

Replaces Part Numbers

33 31 6 792 510 - 33316792510 - 6 792 510 - 6792510

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Powerflex Bush General Fitting Guide

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Series / Chassis

F20 / F20N / F21 / F21N / F22 / F22N / F23 / F23N / F30 / F30N / F32 / F32N / F33 / F35 / F35N / F36


114d / 114i / 116d / 116i / 118d / 118dX / 118i / 120d / 120dX / 120i / 125d / 125i / 218d / 218i / 220d / 220dX / 220i / 225d / 228i / 228iX / 230i / 230iX / 316d / 316i / 316Li / 318d / 318dX / 318i / 318Li / 320d / 320dX / 320i / 320iX / 320Li / 320LiX / 325d / 328i / 328iX / 328Li / 328LiX / 330i / 330Li / 330LiX / 335i / 335iX / 335Li / 340i / 340iX / 418d / 418i / 420d / 420dX / 420i / 420iX / 425d / 428i / 428iX / 430d / 430dX / 430i / 430iX / 435dX / 435i / 435iX / 440i / 440iX / M135i / M135iX / M140i / M140iX / M235i / M235iX / M240i / M240iX


B37 / B38 / B46 / B47 / B48 / B58 / N13 / N20 / N26 / N47N / N47S1 / N55 / N57N / N57Z


To fit the following vehicles

F20 N13 114i 5 doors
F20 N13 116i 5 doors
F20 N13 118i 5 doors
F20 N20 125i 5 doors
F20 N47N 114d 5 doors
F20 N47N 116d 5 doors
F20 N47N 116d ed 5 doors
F20 N47N 118d 5 doors
F20 N47N 118dX 5 doors
F20 N47N 120d 5 doors
F20 N47N 120dX 5 doors
F20 N47S1 125d 5 doors
F20 N55 M135i 5 doors
F20 N55 M135iX 5 doors
F20N B37 114d 5 doors
F20N B37 116d 5 doors
F20N B37 116d ed 5 doors
F20N B38 116i 5 doors
F20N B38 118i 5 doors
F20N B47 118d 5 doors
F20N B47 118dX 5 doors
F20N B47 120d 5 doors
F20N B47 120dX 5 doors
F20N B47 125d 5 doors
F20N B48 120i 5 doors
F20N B48 125i 5 doors
F20N B58 M140i 5 doors
F20N B58 M140iX 5 doors
F20N N13 118i 5 doors
F20N N13 120i 5 doors
F20N N20 125i 5 doors
F20N N47N 114d 5 doors
F20N N55 M135i 5 doors
F20N N55 M135iX 5 doors
F21 N13 114i 3 doors
F21 N13 116i 3 doors
F21 N13 118i 3 doors
F21 N20 125i 3 doors
F21 N47N 114d 3 doors
F21 N47N 116d 3 doors
F21 N47N 116d ed 3 doors
F21 N47N 118d 3 doors
F21 N47N 118dX 3 doors
F21 N47N 120d 3 doors
F21 N47N 120dX 3 doors
F21 N47S1 125d 3 doors
F21 N55 M135i 3 doors
F21 N55 M135iX 3 doors
F21N B37 114d 3 doors
F21N B37 116d 3 doors
F21N B37 116d ed 3 doors
F21N B38 116i 3 doors
F21N B38 118i 3 doors
F21N B47 118d 3 doors
F21N B47 118dX 3 doors
F21N B47 120d 3 doors
F21N B47 120dX 3 doors
F21N B47 125d 3 doors
F21N B48 120i 3 doors
F21N B48 125i 3 doors
F21N B58 M140i 3 doors
F21N B58 M140iX 3 doors
F21N N13 118i 3 doors
F21N N13 120i 3 doors
F21N N20 125i 3 doors
F21N N47N 114d 3 doors
F21N N55 M135i 3 doors
F21N N55 M135iX 3 doors
F22 B38 218i Coupe
F22 B46 230i Coupe
F22 B46 230iX Coupe
F22 B47 218d Coupe
F22 B47 220d Coupe
F22 B47 220dX Coupe
F22 B47 225d Coupe
F22 B48 220i Coupe
F22 B48 230i Coupe
F22 B58 M240i Coupe
F22 B58 M240iX Coupe
F22 N20 220i Coup e
F22 N20 228i Coupe
F22 N26 228i Coupe
F22 N47N 218d Coupe
F22 N47N 220d Coupe
F22 N47S1 225d Coupe
F22 N55 M235i Coupe
F22 N55 M235iX Coupe
F22N B38 218i Coupe
F22N B46 230i Coupe
F22N B46 230iX Coupe
F22N B47 218d Coupe
F22N B47 220d Coupe
F22N B47 220dX Coupe
F22N B47 225d Coupe
F22N B48 220i Coupe
F22N B48 230i Coupe
F22N B58 M240i Coupe
F22N B58 M240iX Coupe
F23 B38 218i Convertible
F23 B46 230i Convertible
F23 B46 230iX Convertible
F23 B47 218d Convertible
F23 B47 220d Convertible
F23 B47 225d Convertible
F23 B48 220i Convertible
F23 B48 230i Convertible
F23 B58 M240i Convertible
F23 B58 M240iX Convertible
F23 N20 220i Convertible
F23 N20 228i Convertible
F23 N20 228iX Convertible
F23 N26 228i Convertible
F23 N26 228iX Convertible
F23 N55 M235i Convertible
F23 N55 M235iX Convertible
F23N B38 218i Convertible
F23N B46 230i Convertible
F23N B46 230iX Convertible
F23N B47 218d Convertible
F23N B47 220d Convertible
F23N B47 225d Convertible
F23N B48 220i Convertible
F23N B48 230i Convertible
F23N B58 M240i Convertible
F23N B58 M240iX Convertible
F30 B47 316d Saloon
F30 N13 316i Saloon
F30 N13 320i ed Saloon
F30 N20 320i Saloon
F30 N20 320iX Saloon
F30 N20 328i Saloon
F30 N20 328iX Saloon
F30 N26 328i Saloon
F30 N47N 316d Saloon
F30 N47N 318d Saloon
F30 N47N 318dX Saloon
F30 N47N 320d ed Saloon
F30 N47N 320d Saloon
F30 N47N 320dX Saloon
F30 N47S1 325d Saloon
F30 N55 335i Saloon
F30 N55 335iX Saloon
F30N B38 318i Saloon
F30N B47 316d Saloon
F30N B48 320i Saloon
F30N B48 320iX Saloon
F30N B48 330i Saloon
F30N B58 340i Saloon
F30N B58 340iX Saloon
F30N N13 316i Saloon
F30N N13 320i ed Saloon
F30N N20 320i Saloon
F30N N20 320iX Saloon
F30N N20 328i Saloon
F30N N20 328iX Saloon
F30N N26 328i Saloon
F30N N47N 320d Saloon
F30N N47S1 325d Sal oon
F32 B38 418i Coupe
F32 B46 430i Coupe
F32 B46 430iX Coupe
F32 B47 418d Coupe
F32 B47 420d Coupe
F32 B47 420dX Coupe
F32 B47 425d Coupe
F32 B48 420i Coupe
F32 B48 420iX Coupe
F32 B48 430i Coupe
F32 B48 430iX Coupe
F32 B58 440i Coupe
F32 B58 440iX Coupe
F32 N20 420i Coupe
F32 N20 420iX Coupe
F32 N20 428i Coupe
F32 N20 428iX Coupe
F32 N26 428i Coupe
F32 N26 428iX Coupe
F32 N47N 420d Coupe
F32 N47N 420dX Coupe
F32 N47S1 425d Coupe
F32 N55 435i Coupe
F32 N55 435iX Coupe
F32 N57N 430d Coupe
F32 N57N 430dX Coupe
F32 N57Z 435dX Coupe
F32N B38 418i Coupe
F32N B46 430i Coupe
F32N B46 430iX Coupe
F32N B47 418d Coupe
F32N B47 420d Coupe
F32N B47 420dX Coupe
F32N B47 425d Coupe
F32N B48 420i Coupe
F32N B48 420iX Coupe
F32N B48 430i Coupe
F32N B48 430iX Coupe
F32N B58 440i Coupe
F32N B58 440iX Coupe
F32N N57N 430d Coupe
F32N N57N 430dX Coupe
F32N N57Z 435dX Coupe
F33 B48 430i Convertible
F33 N20 428iX Convertible
F33 N47S1 425d Convertible
F33 N57N 430d Convertible
F33 N57Z 435dX Convertible
F35 N13 316Li Saloon
F35 N20 320Li Saloon
F35 N20 328Li Saloon
F35 N20 328LiX Saloon
F35 N55 335Li Saloon
F35N B38 318Li Saloon
F35N B48 320Li Saloon
F35N B48 320LiX Saloon
F35N B48 330Li Saloon
F35N B48 330LiX Saloon
F35N N13 316Li Saloon
F35N N20 320Li Saloon
F35N N20 328Li Saloon
F35N N20 328LiX Saloon
F35N N55 335Li Saloon
F36 N20 420i Gran Coupe
F36 N20 428iX Gran Coupe
F36 N26 428iX Gran Coupe


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What is NVH?


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