Rear Trailing Arm Bush - 2 x PFR5-3608H - 3

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  • Rear Trailing Arm Bush - 2 x PFR5-3608H - 3
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Rear Trailing Arm Bush - 2 x PFR5-3608H - 3

PFR5-3608 uses our Black Series 95A material for ultimate chassis control and durability for the rear trailing arm bush, a common failure point on many BMW vehicles
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Included in the Kit:
2 x PFR5-3608H - Rear Trailing Arm Bush

Replaces Part Numbers

33 32 6 770 817 - 33326770817 - 6 770 817 - 6770817
33 32 6 757 885 - 33326757885 - 6 757 885 - 6757885
33 32 2 228 153 - 33322228153 - 2 228 153 - 2228153
33 32 6 770 786 - 33326770786 - 6 770 786 - 6770786
33 32 1 097 009 - 33321097009 - 1 097 009 - 1097009
33 32 1 137 806 - 33321137806 - 1 137 806 - 1137806

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Series / Chassis

E36 / E46 / E83 / E83N / E85 / E86


316Ci / 316i / 316ti / 318Ci / 318d / 318i / 318is / 318td / 318tds / 318ti / 320Cd / 320Ci / 320d / 320i / 320td / 323Ci / 323i / 325Ci / 325i / 325is / 325td / 325tds / 325ti / 325xi / 328Ci / 328i / 330Cd / 330Ci / 330d / 330i / 330xd / 330xi / M3 / X3 / Z4


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To fit the following vehicles

E36 M40 316i Saloon
E36 M40 318i Saloon
E36 M41 318tds Saloon
E36 M41 318tds Touring
E36 M42 318i Convertible
E36 M42 318i Saloon
E36 M42 318is Coupe
E36 M42 318is Saloon
E36 M43 316i Coupe
E36 M43 316i Saloon
E36 M43 316i Touring
E36 M43 318i Convertible
E36 M43 318i Saloon
E36 M43 318i Touring
E36 M44 318i Convertible
E36 M44 318i Saloon
E36 M44 318is Coupe
E36 M44 318is Saloon
E36 M50 320i Convertible
E36 M50 320i Coupe
E36 M50 320i Saloon
E36 M50 325i Convertible
E36 M50 325i Coupe
E36 M50 325i Saloon
E36 M50 325is Coupe
E36 M51 325td Saloon
E36 M51 325tds Saloon
E36 M51 325tds Touring
E36 M52 320i Convertible
E36 M52 320i Coupe
E36 M52 320i Saloon
E36 M52 320i Touring
E36 M52 323i 2.4 Saloon
E36 M52 323i Convertible
E36 M52 323i Coupe
E36 M52 323i Saloon
E36 M52 323i Touring
E36 M52 328i Convertible
E36 M52 328i Coupe
E36 M52 328i Saloon
E36 M52 328i Touring
E36 S50 M3 3.2 Convertible
E36 S50 M3 3.2 Coupe
E36 S50 M3 3.2 Saloon
E36 S50 M3 Convertible
E36 S50 M3 Coupe
E36 S50 M3 Saloon
E36 S52 M3 3.2 Convertible
E36 S52 M3 3.2 Coupe
E36 S52 M3 3.2 Saloon
E46 M43 316Ci Coupe
E46 M43 316i 1.6 Saloon
E46 M43 316i 1.9 Saloon
E46 M43 318Ci Coupe
E46 M43 318i Saloon
E46 M43 318i Touring
E46 M47 318d Saloon
E46 M47 318d Touring
E46 M47 320d Saloon
E46 M47 320d Touring
E46 M47N 318d Saloon
E46 M47N 318d Touring
E46 M47N 318td Compact
E46 M47N 320Cd Convertible
E46 M47N 320Cd Coupe
E46 M47N 320d Saloon
E46 M47N 320d Touring
E46 M47N 320td Compact
E46 M52 320Ci Coupe
E46 M52 320i Saloon
E46 M52 320i Touring
E46 M52 323Ci Convertible
E46 M52 323Ci Coupe
E46 M52 323i 2.4 Saloon
E46 M52 323i Saloon
E46 M52 323i Touring
E46 M52 328Ci Coupe
E46 M52 328i Saloon
E46 M52 328i Touring
E46 M54 320Ci Convertible
E46 M54 320Ci Coupe
E46 M54320i Saloon
E46 M54 320i Touring
E46 M54 325Ci Convertible
E46 M54 325Ci Coupe
E46 M54 325i Saloon
E46 M54 325i Touring
E46 M54 325ti Compact
E46 M54 325xi Saloon
E46 M54 325xi Touring
E46 M54 330Ci Convertible
E46 M54 330Ci Coupe
E46 M54 330i Saloon
E46 M54 330i Touring
E46 M54 330xi Saloon
E46 M54 330xi Touring
E46 M56 325Ci Coupe
E46 M56 325i Saloon
E46 M56 325i Touring
E46 M57 330d Saloon
E46 M57 330d Touring
E46 M57 330xd Saloon
E46 M57 330xd Touring
E46 M57N 330Cd Convertible
E46 M57N 330Cd Coupe
E46 M57N 330d Saloon
E46 M57N 330d Touring
E46 M57N 330xd Saloon
E46 M57N 330xd Touring
E46 N40 316Ci Coupe
E46 N40 316i Saloon
E46 N40 316ti Compact
E46 N42 316i Saloon
E46 N42 316i Touring
E46 N42 316ti Compact
E46 N42 318Ci Convertible
E46 N42 318Ci Coupe
E46 N42 318i Saloon
E46 N42 318i Touring
E46 N42 318ti Compact
E46 N45 316Ci Coupe
E46 N45 316i Saloon
E46 N45 316ti Compact
E46 N46 316i Saloon
E46 N46 316i Touring
E46 N46 316ti Compact
E46 N46 318Ci Convertible
E46 N46 318Ci Coupe
E46 N46 318i Saloon
E46 N46 318i Touring
E46 N46 318ti Compact
E46 S54 M3 Convertible
E46 S54 M3 Coupe
E46 S54 M3 CSL Coupe
E83 M47N2 X3 2.0d SAV
E83 M54 X3 2.5i SAV
E83 M54 X3 3.0i SAV
E83 M57N X3 3.0d SAV
E83 M57N2 X3 3.0d SAV
E83 N46 X3 2.0i SAV
E83N M47N2 X3 2.0d SAV
E83N M57N2 X3 3.0d SAV
E83N M57N2 X3 3.0sd SAV
E83N N46 X3 2.0i SAV
E83N N47 X3 1.8d SAV
E83N N47 X3 2.0d SAV
E83N N52N X3 2.5si SAV
E83N N52N X3 3.0i SAV
E83N N52N X3 3.0si SAV
E85 M54 Z4 2.2i Roadster
E85 M54 Z4 2.5i Roadster
E85 M54 Z4 3.0i Roadster
E85 N46 Z4 2.0i Roadster
E85 N52 Z4 2.5i Roadster
E85 N52 Z4 2.5si Roadster
E85 N52 Z4 3.0i Roadster
E85 N52 Z4 3.0si Roadster
E85 S54 Z4 M3.2 Roadster
E86 N52 Z4 3.0si Coupe
E86 S54 Z4 M3.2 Coupe


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