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Sachs SRE Performance Pressure Plate for 5 Speed 02J Dual Mass Flywheel

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  • Pressure Plate - 883082 999778 / 883082999778


 Sachs SRE Performance Pressure Plate

Fits VW / Audi / Seat and Skoda 1.9 TDI 5 Speed Vehicles with 02J Gearbox and Sachs Dual Mass Flywheel

This kit consists of:

Genuine SACHS SRE Pressure Plate

SACHS Part Number

Pressure Plate - 883082 999778 / 883082999778

The Dual Mass Flywheel with SRE Organic Clutch Disc and Pressure Plate will hold ~280lb/ft. There is no Sintered clutch disc for this Flywheel

This kit will NOT fit vehicles with a 6 Speed Transmission. Please see our other items or contact us if you require a 6 Speed Clutch and Flywheel


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