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Transporter T5 2.5 TDi 5 Cylinder MLS Head Gasket

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  • Transporter T5 2.5 TDi 5 Cylinder MLS Head Gasket
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2.5 TDI 5 Cylinder MLS Head Gasket

Multi Layer Steel (MLS) Head Gasket for the 2.5 TDi 5 Cylinder Engines

Please select from the option list which thickness gasket you require. This is based on the piston protrusion when the Engine is built up. The number of holes can be seen on the Silver Tab that sticks out on the front of the Engine

When changing the head gasket, please ensure you get the same thickness as previously fitted (unless the rods or pistons have been changed), otherwise you will have running issues

The diameter is 81.7mm which is the standard 2.5 TDI Bore size

1 Hole Head Gasket

  • Thickness: 1.27mm
  • From Piston Crown Protrusion: 0.51mm
  • To Piston Crown Protrusion: 0.66mm

Part Number: 070 103 383 M  -  070103383 M  -  070103383M


2 Hole Head Gasket

  • Thickness: 1.35mm
  • From Piston Crown Protrusion: 0.66mm
  • To Piston Crown Protrusion: 0.72mm

Part Number: 070 103 383 N  -  070103383 N  -  070103383N


3 Hole Head Gasket

  • Thickness: 1.43mm
  • From Piston Crown Protrusion: 0.72mm
  • To Piston Crown Protrusion: 0.82mm

VW Part Number: 070 103 383 L  -  070103383 L  -  070103383L

070 103 383 P  -  070103383 P  -  070103383P


To fit the following Engine Codes: 

VW Transporter T5 - AXD / BNZ 131, BLJ 163, AXE / BPC 174

VW Touareg - BPD / BLK 163, BPE 174, AXE 174

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