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Vibra Technics Engine and Gearbox Mounts for Golf Mk4 / Bora / A3 / Leon / Octavia

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Product Description

Vibra-Technics Engine and Gearbox Mounts for VW Golf Mk4 / VW Bora/ Seat Leon / Skoda Octavia / Audi A3


These mounts are an upgrade and direct replacement for the standard mounts on the VAG Mk4 Platform Vehicles (Golf Mk4, Bora, A3 8P, Leon Mk1 & Octavia Mk1) which are prone for becoming very lose or even failing, especially under high loads

With the complete Engine Mount Set (Engine Mounting, Gearbox Mounting and Dog Bone Bushes) Engine movement during acceleration, braking and gear changes is reduced dramatically giving a much smoother and sure driving experience


Engine Mount - VAG600M

The engine mounts commonly knock due to excessive movement, these are a direct replacement to the standard engine mount. This significantly reduces engine movement and is much more stronger, giving the car a tighter feel


This is a direct replacement for the following part numbers:

1J0 199 262 BF  -  1J0199262 BF  -  1J0199262BF


Gearbox Mount - VAG606M

This is a major upgrade to the standard gearbox mount that as standard can twist and pivot against the rubber bushing. It is suitable for all manual transmissions and reduces engine movement giving less stress on the exhaust etc


This is a direct replacement for the following part numbers:

1J0 199 555 AH  -  1J0199555 AH  -  1J0199555AH

1J0 199 555 AJ  -  1J0199555 AJ  -  1J0199555AJ


 Dog Bone Mount Inserts - VAG450M

These inserts are much stronger than the standard rubber ones on the dog mount, these are pressed in to you standard dog bone for better performance and durability

Also the unique feature of bonding the insulator to a billet aluminium support plate


Dog Bone Mount Bush (Small End) - VAG455B

This is a direct replacement for the small end bush on the dog bone mount

 It has substantially higher load capacity and stiffness to reduce engine movement whilst the double bonded rubber element still isolates engine vibration


Fits the following Dog Bone Mount part numbers:

1J0 199 851 AA  -  1J0199851 AA  -  1J0199851AA

1J0 199 851 N  -  1J0199851 N  -  1J0199851N

1J0 199 851 M  -  1J0199851 M  -  1J0199851M


Please Note - When using these mounts in diesel application there may be increased noise and vibration in the cabin

We are currently working with Vibra Technics to develop diesel specific inserts