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Darkside 1.9 8v TDI VE 90 / 110 and PD100 / PD115 EGR Delete / Race Pipe (51mm)

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Product Description

EGR & ASV Delete Kit for VE 90 / 110 and the PD100 / PD115 1.9 TDI Engines

 Fits ALL VW / Audi / Seat and Skoda Vehicles with the VE 90 (ALH) / ASV (110) Engines and the PD ATD (100) and AJM (115) Engines

  • Reduces inlet air temperatures = more power
  • Prevents inlet and turbo from clogging up
  • CNC Machined from a single aluminum billet
  • Made in the UK

 Please note that this will not fit the PD130 / PD150 inlet manifold, we have these listed in our store

 This kit consists of:
Darkside Developments Race Pipe (51mm Diameter)
Genuine VW EGR Blanking Plate (for Turbo EGR Port)
2 x M8 Nuts
Vented Grub Screw (Boost Gauge Takeoff)
Grub Screw (to block Boost Port)
O-Ring Seal
Mikalor 60mm Stainless Steel Hose Clamp

 We use a 51mm (2") Pipe Diameter as we have found that the 57mm Pipe found in kits from other retailers are almost impossible to install with the standard EGR Intercooler Hose (with Clip Connector removed). The 51mm Pipe means the Rubber Hose slides easily over the pipe whilst still being secure. The twin grooves prevent the hose from slipping
Our unique Flange Design offers countersunk bolt holes, which keep the product looking neat when bolted to the manifold. This also means you can reuse the standard bolts rather than swapping for longer items. There are also no welds on the pipe as they are CNC Machined from a single aluminium billet
Our unique Grub Screw design allows for the neatest possible install, removing the bulky brass fitting found on other EGR Delete Kits. The tiny hole also eliminates the need to fit an 'in-line' reducer to stop the boost gauge from fluttering under heavy load. The design also means that customers who will not be using the boost takeoff will have a clean looking install
Please Note: Once the valve is either removed or blanked off the vehicles ECU will no longer get a signal from the EGR Valve causing the emmisions workshop light to appear on the dash board. We can remove this by reprogramming the EGR software on the ECU.
For more information on EGR Valves and Removal see here - 

To fit the following Engine Codes (can be found on a sticker on the Cam Belt Cover or in the Boot):

 1.2 TDi Engines

VW Lupo - ANY  60

 Audi A2 - ANY 60


1.4 TDi Engines

VW Lupo - AMF 75

Seat Arosa - AMF 75

Seat Ibiza - AMF 75

Skoda Fabia - AMF 75


1.9 TDi Engines

VW Golf Mk4 - AGR / ALH 90, ATD 100, ASV / AHF 110, AJM / AUY 115

VW Bora - AGR / ALH 90, ATD 100, ASV / AHF 110, AJM / AUY 115

VW Beetle - ALH 90

VW Caddy - ALH 90

Audi A3 - AGR / ALH 90, ATD 100, AHF / ASV 110

Seat Cordoba - AGR / ALH 90, ASV 110

Seat Leon - AGR / ALH 90, AHF / ASV 110

Seat Toledo - AGR / ALH 90, AHF / ASV 110

Seat Ibiza - AGR / ALH 90, ASV 110

Skoda Octavia - AGR / ALH 90, ATD 100, AHF / ASV 110

VW Passat - AVB 100, 



 Darkside Developments accepts no responsibility for the use of this part on the public highway where removal of emissions controls is prohibited. It is the customers responsibility to ensure they comply with rules and laws relating to their home country