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Darkside Front Mount Intercooler Kit (FMIC) for VW Passat / Audi A4 1.9 TDi PD130 AVF / AWX

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Coloured Silicones are custom order and may take up to 7 working days to dispatch. Black Silicones are in stock.

Product Description

Alloy Hard Pipework Kit for VW Passat / Audi A4 PD130s
Fits the VW Passat / Audi A4 with the 1.9 8v TDi PD130 Engines

The Kit replaces the stock plastic pipe work and unnecessary joints that can cause boost leaks. The end tanks of the Intercooler are also Alloy so will also hold a higher level of boost, the thicker core offers vastly improved cooling capacity

The top pipe reduces down to 2" to slot in to the stock hose which connects to the EGR Valve


The welded Alloy Pipes are 57mm and fit perfectly in place of the stock turbo pipes

This kit consists of:

Darkside Developments Alloy Pipe Kit with MAP Sensor Boss
Darkside Developments
 Alloy Front Mount Intercooler 

Darkside Developments Silicone Hoses
Stainless Steel Clamps

 This will fit the following vehicles with the 1.9 8v TDi Engine:

VW Passat - AVF / AWX 130
Audi A4 - AVF / AWX 130
Skoda Superb - AVF / AWX 130

Intercooler Dimensions
Core Size: 550mm x 140mm x 65mm
Overall Height: 140mm
Overall Length: 690mm


The following hoses will be provided when using the following EGR Deletes

51mm EGR Delete - 57mm - 51mm Reducing 90 Silicone Hose

57mm EGR Delete - 57mm 90 Silicone Hose

Please Note: This does not fit models with fog lights


All the silicones included in the kit may require slight Trimming to suit your set up, These are left long to take in to consideration tolerances between cars. This kit is also VERY close to other parts in the Engine Bay, due to the lack of room available
We now offer a range of Silicone Colours - Black Silicones are in stock where as the other colours are special order and may take up to 1 week to dispatch