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Golf A5 / Jetta MKV TDI 02Q 5 Speed to 6 Speed Conversion Kit

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  • Golf A5 / Jetta MKV TDI 02Q 5 Speed to 6 Speed Conversion Kit
£1,560.00 - £2,430.00 (Inc. VAT)
£1,300.00 - £2,025.00 (Ex. VAT)


 Golf A5 / Jetta MKV TDI 02Q 5 Speed to 6 Speed Conversion Kit

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The standard 5 to 6 Speed setup comes with all the items you see in the picture. It is everything you need to upgrade from a 5 Speed Manual to the 6 Speed in the Golf A5 / Jetta MKV TDI Models

This kit consists of:

02Q 6 Speed Gearbox
2 x Drive Shafts
Gearbox Mount
Dog Bone Mount
Starter Motor
Dust Tins from the Engine
Shifter Mount and End Links
All bolts required (New where needed)

Optional - Clutch and Flywheel Kit


We can also supply a range of Clutch and Flywheel kits depending on your goals:

Option 1: Brand New OEM Sachs Dual Mass Flywheel and Clutch kit with Release Bearing. These are good for 200hp and 330lbs/ft

Option 2:
Valeo Budget Single Mass Flywheel (SMF) and Clutch Kit with release bearing. These are good for 200hp and 330lbs/ft

Option 3:
 Darkside Billet Single Mass Flywheel (SMF) & Clutch Kit with release bearing. These are good for 300hp+ (Choice of Discs)

The Solid Flywheels can give a little chatter at Idle and Low RPMs but these are more than acceptable

For customers wanting to all out we can also supply and fit a Quaife ATB LSD, with new ARP Bolts, Bearings and Upgrades Forks - £900 GBP extra
 - Please contact us if you would this option


There are 2 main groups of subcode with the same ratios (there are 4 groups in total, but the other 2 have almost the same ratios as the 5 speed so I have left them out).

They are all based on the 02Q 6 Speed Box, which is an uprated version of the 02M found in the A4 Golfs. The difference being the lack of a speed sensor and strengthening to the casing on the 02Q.

02Q 6 Speed Group 1

1st 3.769 - 2nd 2.087 - 3rd 1.324 - 4th 0.919 - 5th 0.902 - 6th 0.757 - Rev 1.643 - FD1 3.684 - FD2 2.917

02Q 6 Speed Group 2 

1st 3.769 - 2nd 2.087 - 3rd 1.324 - 4th 0.977 - 5th 0.975 - 6th 0.814 - Rev 1.643 - FD1 3.45 - FD2 2.76

The 02Q Uses 2 final drives. FD1 for 1st - 4th, FD2 for 5th & 6th.

02J 5 Speed - GQQ, JCR - For comparison

1st 3.778 - 2nd 2.063 - 3rd 1.348 - 4th 0.967 - 5th 0.744 FD 3.389

With the Group 1 ratios, you are looking at about 100MPH in 6th @ 3000RPM with 205/55/R16 Tyres. The Group 2 would be @ 98MPH.
This compares to 88MPH in 5th on the 5 Speed, a very nice increase!

To put it another way, at 75MPH the BRM 5 Speed is @ 2555RPM, whereas the 6 speed is @ 2237RPM (318RPM Decrease), with 205/55/R16 Tyres.

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