How to tune your 3.0 TDI Amarok in 3 easy steps!

How to tune your 3.0 TDI Amarok in 3 easy steps!

If you're subscribed to our YouTube channel, you may have already seen the series of videos we made on tuning the 3.0 V6 Amarok. If not, don't worry, this blog will cover all the bases!

Or, you can still watch the videos here:

From the beginning:

This project all came about after a customer contacted us regarding tuning his pre-ordered brand new 258bhp VW Amarok. His brief was simple. 400bhp and 60mph in ~4.5s!

Suprisingly VW made things easy when it comes to the engines fitted in the Amarok. All the 3.0 V6 Engines are identical, so the DDXA (120kW / 160bhp), DDXB (150kW / 201bhp), DDXC / DDXD (165kW / 221bhp) or DDXE (190kW / 258bhp) can all be tuned to the same level.

We decided to follow suit and keep things simple, compiling 3 main options for tuning:

  • 300bhp

  • 350bhp

  • 400bhp

DPF removal, EGR blanking and Exhaust can all be done at any stage. To do this you will need the following parts listed below:


Gearbox Tuning

At any of the stages, tuning the ZF 8HP Gearbox is recommended to allow the gearbox to see the correct amount of torque, and optimise the gear shifts for the higher power output at the upper RPMs.
More details about our transmission tuning can be found here - 

Engine Upgrades

Here is a detailed breakdown of what is needed for each stage:

Stage 1:

300bhp (230KW) & 550 Lb/Ft (750Nm) - Custom Dyno Tune. (DPF Delete and EGR blanking optional)

This is a fully custom tune for your vehicle done on our dyno, (includes road testing and dyno printouts)

ECU Tuning Prices -

Stage 2

350bhp (265KW) & 575 Lb/Ft (775Nm) - GTD2263VZ Turbo Upgrade - (DPF Delete and EGR blanking optional)

For up to 350bhp, you will need to upgrade the turbo to the GTD2263VZ (The GTD2872VK could also be used) the prices for this are below:

Stage 3

400bhp (302kW) & 620 Lb/Ft (848Nm) - GTD2872VZ Turbo, Front Mount Intercooler and Custom Downpipe. (DPF Delete and EGR Blanking Recommended)

GTD2872VZ turbo, upgrade to Wagner front mount intercooler. If you want to reach 400bhp you'll need the DPF and EGR removed too, - you can still run this setup with the DPF and EGR on due to EGT's power will be capped slightly lower, around 380bhp

Still not enough?

You can push this setup a little further with the addition of our water meth injector kit - (It can add a extra 10-40bhp depending on the nozzle size and water/meth ratio). At this stage we would also recommend an Oil Cooler.

If you prefer to buy all the parts, and want to fit and tune yourself, we can do it remotely via a Powergate -
If you are having a tune from another company, please ensure they are monitoring the EMPs and Boost pressure VERY closely, as if tuned incorrectly these ECUs can have crazy boost and EMP levels, resulting in premature turbo failure.

Intrigued? Here's the finished thing:

02 07 2020

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